Crossed Paddles Hoodie

A classic Maine hoodie that you would even catch Mainers wearing!...


Maine Rainbow Pines Hoodie

This hoodie makes us happy, even if the skies are gray!...


Rainbow Ladies Crewneck Sweatshirt

Rainbow embroidered cropped crew neck! So cute!...


The Blue Lobster 1/4 Zip Sherpa- 3 Different COLORS!

Don't find yourself chilly on that autumn bike ride or caught off guard when the camp fire just isn't warm enough. The faux sherpa 1/4 zip jacket is a perfect addition to your cooler weather wardrobe. Super soft, cozy, and fuzz...


The Blue Lobster Full Zip Sweatshirt

It's all Good in this Hood! Classic full zip hooded sweatshirt, easy to slip on and slightly oversized which makes it great for layering.

Slightly Oversized Fit
55% Cotton/45% polyester
Front pouch pocket
Lined Hood

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